Crazy selling hype these days

I noticed this guy who claims to be selling 100rds of .308 “depleted uranium” core AP cartridges:

I emailed him and asked if they were Pacific Technica D.U.D.S. and he replied: “no, they’re all live bullets”… There’s allot of these mall-ninjas these days in the post-election buying/selling frenzy.

And, they are HANDLOADS, no less, but he knows nothing about the bullets, and probably not the powder either.

There is a sucker born, and probably bidding in on-line auctions, every minute.

“there’s no steel core” so…there must be a depleted uranium core!..funny

I have recently bought a depleted uranium can at the drugstore.Could somebody tell me how to substitute the lead core of some 308" bullets with this stuff to create an ultra AP bullet? :)