Crispin Document?

Hello all.

Searching through eBay, I came across this apparent Crispin Patent document… It looks legitimate enough, but certainly does not fit the bill for me.

And without further ado:

I hope the link works!


With no explanation of provenance, and no real verification, it is suspect. It would need a C.O.A. from a reputable document authenticator,or at least some anecdotal help such as an ultraviolet light test, or a magnification of print to check for ink jet dots. The seller’s feedback isn’t too high either.

Dave, it seems to me that the small page showing the drawing is printed on the full size white paper page. I don’t know how this would be possible if this is an “Original Civil War Era” document.

All very true! The pictures are also not taken with great detail…
It would be a nice fantasy piece (not for the price tho!)