Crooked AP / API sellers

With AP and API ammo being all the rage lately due to political concerns, and stocks of reloading supplies being so low, it’s amazing the prices that can be realized on certain bullets. Like this guy who is trying to pass-off 7.62x54r B-32 API bullets as being original Lake City M14 API projectiles. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the U.S. didn’t make any 30cal API with a boat tail at 155gr, and that type of cannelure did they? I thought ours were 148gr? I assume these are just tumbled and repainted 7.62x54r bullets with a nice new silver tip instead of the original black/red. The price is ridiculous:

I’d be worried about whether or not these have been resized properly from .310 to .308. A good layout on what the U.S. API bullet should look like and weigh is here:

Knowing the seller by his other auctions and having called him on some faked stuff before, I’ll bet that these are 100% not as advertised. Sure look like a '54r projectile to me…

He always has a great and incredible story about how he gets his items.

I rarely look at online auction sites anymore because of garbage like this.


There were several API bullets that looked just like them - boattail, 149 to 155 grains, loaded as T15 in the 1940s. I can’t say if his are authentic or not.


Hey, that’s my thread from Surplusrifleforum! Cool!!! Glad to know my post wasn’t totally in vain.
I am probably going to post something similar to it on the B-32 soon. I picked up a couple dozen rounds of it not too long ago.

What that seller is/was peddling on Gunbroker sure looks like the B-32 to me, and it’s the correct weight. However, I suppose you could never know for certain what it is without buying and inspecting it yourself, …and I for one would not have wasted my money to find out.


Although it could be the T-15, it seems less likely since that is not a particularly common item (I have never seen the blue/black tip T15 bullets for sale like this). And the cannelure seems wrong for a T15, not to mention that his tip color doesn’t jive with a T15 which should be blue/black. I sent him an email asking him to explain how he thought these were the M14 variant, which he did not respond to, which is telling. If those are T15 bullets, then I wouldn’t want that ammo - it has virtually nothing for incendiary compound as Chris P’s sections show here from his 30-06 article:

I just hate that people sell the .310 diameter steel-core stuff and try to pass it off as .308. If it isn’t resized properly, then it is potentially damaging to some rifles.

This guy actually did reply to an email once. He was trying to sell “Finnish mil. spec.” 7.62x39mm “tracer” with GREEN tips and Finnish “steel core” (oddly enough, he did not call them AP) with BLACK tips. Both loads were using “PT 82” headstamped brass, which coincidentally is the same exact headstamp on the tons of wood-bulleted Finnish blank ammunition that was recently imported at that time. He claimed it’s authenticity because the “guy he got it from” said it was the “real thing”. After I asked why this supposedly original and “authentic” ammunition did not come with the original boxes and had incorrect color codes, he never replied back.

I wonder if this guy has a ammunition manufacturer’s license for the reloads he is selling?


The federal government’s definition of a manufacturer is: as applied to a manufacturer of ammunition; “a person who devotes time, attention, and labor to manufacturing ammunition as a regular course of trade or business with the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the sale or distribution of the ammunition manufactured”

So if he is trying to pay his bills by selling this stuff, then he would need one, I’m guessing he does not have one. ALLOT of buyers have spent way too much money buying his gun-show type reloads. He is basically another Ammotogo aka Bigdogammo type seller, only he lies about his ammo saying it is original and authentic… At least Ammotogo says what it is he is selling; reloads

The above auction ended at $167.50!!! There’s always quality swamp land in Florida to sell!


Here’s an even better auction for 30 gun-show loads which can’t possibly be worth more than $60, but look at the going price: