Crossman Shot Capsules


Does anyone know what brand these tool blanks are and for what tool? Besides the Yellow, Green, & Red, I also have a Black one that did not show up on the scan. Althroug it does not show in the scan, all of them have a white plastic cup recessed 0.25 inch from what I assume is the base in picture 3. There is no visable primer. The red and green one rattle like they contain course powder pellets.


I only have the red one. The base has a white plastic cup, that holds the shot in place, which can be barely seen through the 4 small slits on the top. I though they were for the yellow, (maybe Crossman), plastic mini “clay” targets.


Sam–Have you disassembled one? You say they contain shot not powder. Maybe they are not tool blanks if that is so. The two I said rattle do sound like shot.


This is the only one I’ve seen, other than yours. But I can see what looks like small steel shot, (with good light), through the 4 slots on the case mouth end. It’s not magnetic, (that I can tell), so it’s probably shiny lead. Tipped over- with a mirror might help, as the shot is down a bit. Anyway, I’m sure mine has small shot, but I don’t know if they came loaded or not. So until then, anything is possible.
You have a nice set - whatever they are!


I think that these are shot cartridges for an air gun. Can’t find anything in my library on them at the moment, but recall seeing something, somewhere about them. Am surprised I can’t find the info, as if I DID see something, like I recall, I would have put it into my files. They may well have been for a Crosman of some sort. If I run across the info, I will post it.

I am not sure that any of them have an actual primer.


Ron, it does appear that what you have pictured are shot cartridges for the Crosman Trapmaster Model 1100 which was introduced in 1968.

I have a DBI book titled: AIR GUN DIGEST by Robert Beeman published in 1977. Chapter 8: THE AIR SHOTGUNS (Pg.104-109) has reference to Crosman’s 1100 air shotgun.

“The Model 1100 Crosman had a one-stroke side-cocking single-shot action with a .380 true cylinder bore”.

“The shot container held about one-seventh of an ounce - 62.0 grains - of what the carton identified as No. 8 shot. However, Grennell compared the shot from one of the shells with standard specifications and found that it came out at more like No. 8-1/2 shot, each pellet being about .086-inch in diameter.”

“The literature supplied at the time by the manufacturer stated that each shotshell - that’s what they called them - contained ‘over fifty-five’ chilled lead shot. However, when we broke one of them down and counted out the pellets one at a time, we found that there were sixty-two pellets, making the weight about one grain each. Again, this conformed to specifications midway between No. 8 and No. 9 shot.”

“The shotshell had an intergral over-shot wad held in place by four thin strands of some type of plastic, which was supposed to break away the moment the CO2 pwer was released. A skirted sealing wad beneath the shot charge served the dual purpose of retaining the charge and preventing any leakage of gas as the charge was accelerated down the barrel.”

In the article, there is a picture of the 1100 with it’s breech open with a shotshell partially in the breech and several shotshells, all sitting on top of its box. On the front of the box at the top is the number “2” incide a circle inside the letter “C” with SKEET next to it. Below it states:


The picture, being black & white, doesn’t afford much detail of the shotshells sitting on top of the box, but they do resemble those shotshells that you posted above.

I hope this info may be of use to you.



Leon–That sure sound like what I have. I’m sure the colors ae for different size shot. Thanks.

Does anyone have any literature that lists the colors and shot sizes?


Thanks Leon!
Is there any chance of getting a scan of the box picture? I’d just like to see, if I’ve seen it before.
Thanks again,



I don’t have a scanner but I can email you a digital photo of the picture in the book. Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll send it to you (I’ve already got it photographed and it’s pretty clear).

I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to post pictures yet, so if anyone wants to post the pic for reference in this thread I’ll be happy to send the photo to someone for posting.


The red one is seen most commonly. I have never seen the other 2 colors before.


CSAEOD–Actually I have 4 colors of these capsules. I have red, yellow, green and black. When I scanned them the black one could not be seen against the black background so I cropped it out of the picture.


The Crosman’s Model1100 air shotgun was made from 1968-1971 according to the Crossman web site. Here is picture of an ad. I still need information on how many colors and shot sizes were available.


I have obtained some more information from an Air Gun collector. Here is what he had to say:
Crosman offered Red, Green and Yellow. The factory shot sizes were 8, 6, & 4 in the same order. The black could be an after market, etc.(EDIT: My black one does have a different front end closure–Ron Merchant). Compare the measurements. Shells came new from the factory with the front closed. Once fired the shells could be reloaded with a small alumimum tool. Any shot size or a .375 lead ball could be used for reloading. Darts made from the Cone head of blowgun dart were made in a wide verity of tip size and weight.

A reloading kit, a metal tackle box, contained, 100 each red green and yellow empty shells, the reloading tool,
one LB each 8. 6 &4 shot and 1000 plastic wads.

A metal trap had a foot release and the clays were either a true Clay or a two piece plastic pigeon.

      Hope this is of some help.

       Bryan & Associates