Crown Brand

Lars, some years back you showed a cartridge by Eley with a name “Crown”.

Out of interest I came across this a few months back which I am fairly sure was manufactured by Eley-Kynoch but not sure of the exact date.
I have not seem this Head Stamp with the C- on a case before. The case does not give any clue to the company, it has a shield type logo similar to the Eley shield, and has written

loaded with
smokeless powder.
Then in small capital letters douille importée literally translates to Imported Socket which I take to mean Imported Case. Being in French I therefor assume it was for a country that had French as it’s main language.

A). Did you ever find out anything more about your cartridge?
B). I wonder if there was any connection to your query?


Hi Mike,

I have found a few more of the Eley Crown cartridge, and I know it excist in caliber 12 and 16. It looks for me like it is a special brand production for a Danish whole sale business, that’s why there is no name on the case. Just like the Stirling cartridge from Nobel.

I know of no connection to your french Crown.

Do you by the way know of any more British private brands for the danish market?

Best regards,

Afternoon Lars,

I can surmise that Mullerite and Trent would have almost certainly have made them as did Eley-Kynoch, my main problem is as I collect English cartridges (England/Wales/Scottland/Ireland) pre 1962, I naively didn’t have any interest if they were not English and even more stupidly keep no record or pictures, just gave them away… Now I take a lot more notice of them and any that are useful I take pictures of, then keep for swaps etc. While some of the better ones I actually keep out of curiosity, unless I am offered something British I don’t have :).

Back to the Nobel Stirling cartridge, that is one that I still find very intriguing. If we take away the ones that are known product brands for example;
Alex Martin; The Stirling

and we ignore Stirling on cartridges that are the place name for example;
Crockart of Stirling

We still have;
Stirling Nobel and Stirling London.