Cruzeiro 36 CBC

Recently got a shotshell with CRUZEIRO 36 CBC headstamp. Green case with crude ‘roll crimp’.
I am guessing it is South American but havent heard of Cruzeiro. Is this simply a 410 shotshell with a local name or is it a different shotshell altogether? Havent done any measurements and havent taken any photos but I can take some shots and post if anyone wants to see it.
And have done a google search and drawn a blank.

looks like Cruzeiro was a model or trade mark. … 7ec99284c7

Hope this helps.

This cartridge is made by Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, of Santo Andr

Thanks for that info, I assumed cruzeiro was the maker rather than a brand name used by CBC.
The cruzeiro was the Brazilian currency at one stage too.
I am not sure if it is a survival cartridge as it doesnt have the ‘SV’ as part of the headstamp and pictures I have seen of survival rounds have been of modified shape rather than standard 410 dimensions. But maybe there are different dimension versions?

Your cartridge probably is the sporting version of the cartridge. Is it a paper case? Pictures are always good! The case should be green. “Cruzeiro” is simply the trademark name. CBC of Brasil had two sporting lines, “Velox” and “Cruzeiro.” Here is what they have to say about the latter:

"This is the favourite shotshell made by CBC for hunting purposes in general. It has a light recoil, uniform patterning, and its results are reliable.

“Available in the following gauges: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 410 Long and 410 Short.”

That is the English-language part. In Portuguese, it shows the calibers as “36 Longo” and “36 Corto,” instead of as .410.

The “Cruzeiro” 36 Long and Short both have very short overall case lengths, I think, compared to say American .410 2-3/4" and 3" shells. The “Lungo,” or “Long,” has an overall case length of 61.0m/m (2.402") and the “Corto” or “Short” has a length of 50.0m/m (2.008") according to the catalog, and these lengths are explained there as being the total length of the shell when the crimp has been opened (fired case length). Your Cruzeiro shell should have a roll crimp over a paper wad.

They also made 36 Long and 36 Short brass shells for reloaders, in the “Presidente” line.

By the way, in English, “Cruzeiro” simply means “cross” as in a heraldic or religious figure, or “cruise” as in a maritime voyage. It may have other meanings as well, and I know that it is the name of their main monetary unit in Brasil.

There is also a “Velox” load in 36 Longo, with a red paper case.

The sporting guns for the 36 long and short ammunition were the CBC Espingardas (shotguns) Mod. 151 and Model 651. The Model 651 is simply a very slightly fancier version of the 151, with chromed receiver and some light engraving, although oddly, while the Model 151 has auto ejection, the Model 651 has only mechanical extraction. They are both rudimentary single-shot break-open shotguns, with the opening lever in the front of the trigger guard, rather than on top like most single-shot shotguns. They are chambered for 3" shells.

I hope this answers your questions. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about shotgun shells myself, so cannot comment much on things like case lengths, etc.

That info is great and sounds exactly like what I have. Green paper case that is rather short when compared to other 410 shells. I cant imagine it would have great patterning and reliability given the crude roll crimp - unless the one I have is a handload.
Will try to get some pics up anyway.

Hi John,
in which page of the catlalogue have you found this info ,

J-P: It is from a CBC Catalog that I believe dates from 1963 (inside cover has the marking: “C.G.C. 57.494.031/0001 - 63)”

The catalog has a plain black cover, no pictures on it, with a white on red “CBC” trademark, entitled "Cat

interested by scans

J-P: Check your email addresses. Wasn’t sure which was current, perhyaps both, so I sent it to two different ones under your name. I scanned the information at the bottom of the inside cover - I did not do the cover because it is black and would use an inordinate amount of my black ink ctg. They are expensive (about $140.00 each, and the printer uses four of them).

I got it John!
thanks very much

The 50 mm and 60 mm are the regular lengths for 12 mm (410)


PS: Fortunately for this forum’s members, there are some people like you who share their documentation and don’t keep it egoistly for themselves, even if they have no interest in it !

Here are a couple of pics.
Shown with an ELEY 1 3/4 inch 410 shell. The Eley shell measures just over 1 3/4 while the Cruzeiro measures just under.

And showing the crimps. Note the stab marks in the case below the crimp and general crudeness of the the crimp compared to the Eley shell.