Csepel Arsenal (Hungary)

  • Anyone who knows something about the history of Csepel Arsenal from Hungary ??? I know that Csepel Arsenal was located not far from Budapest (the capital of Hungary). There is also Csepel Island, a large island of the Danube River in Hungary. The monogram used by Csepel Arsenal was made of the letters “A” and “H” (overlaid).
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I have some info on Czepel but, since sources conflict, I am not completely comfortable with the information. Firstly, none of the sources I have seen refer to it as “Czepel Arsenal” but that may just be the poor translations. Certainly what they were doing between the two world wars is confusing.

In 1882, Manfred Weiss and his brother Berthold founded a canning factory on the island of Csepel (also “Czepel”), now a suburb of Budapest. By 1887 this was converted to an armament facility and by this time Berthold seems to have dropped out of the picture. They were a very large armaments producer and are reputed to have been able to supply the entire requirements of the Hapsburg Empire. Production of ammunition is said to have started in 1892. They continued to produce munitions through World War I but reverted to making domestic appliances and machinery when the war was over. The New York Times reports that on August 31, 1919 the arms plant was purchased by American interests. However by the late 1930s, the “Manfred Weiss Armament Works” was again involved in armaments and did so through World War II.
The facility still existed in 2007 (the last time I checked) as the Csepel Metall [sic] Iron Foundry Ltd. but no mention is made of its armaments history or production.


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