Ctg cal .50 sniper XM1022

Does anybody know what the CTG CAL .50 SNIPER XM1022 is?

So far I have found this:
globalsecurity.org/military/ … xm1022.pdf

Are any more/better images or descriptions available?

Alex, this was an ATK (LCAAP) development started in the early 2000’s that was based on the well known Anthéna AP bullet. Before it was dropped, the latest version was very similar (or identical?) to the current Training SX bullet by RUAG. Regards, Fede.

Fede, yes, I thought of Anthena too. So it is out again - good to know as it is in the ammo procurement list for 2008 Brian posted earlier!

PPI/Anthena off-shoot. Copper 1/2 jacket, with zinc (rather than original hardened steel) core, with a significant portion of the core extending forward out of the jacket. The projectile was coated with an anti-corrosion solution to prevent the zinc from oxidizing and to give it a distinctive olive drab coloration for identification purposes. The “wasp waist” design of the PPI/Anthena was not retained, but carried a more traditional bullet profile. Match grade, ballistic match to the Mk211 Multipurpose round, for use where fragmentation feature of the Mk211 isn’t desirable (i.e. target pits), Armor Penetration wasn’t a requirement. Project predates the 2000’s, NDIA presentation going back to at least 1999. M1022 LRSA (Long Range Sniper Ammunition), made it as far as the designation being changed from XM1022 to M1022. Last I heard, the project was dead due to costs of “developing” what was supposed to be a COTS item (Commercial, Off-The-Shelf). The global security flyer shows the final bullet design quite well. The PPI/Anthena design beat out the contender from Winchester, which was a solid brass projectile with an opening drilled down from the tip to shift the bullet CG to the rear while allowing for a longer projectile. It had NO expansion capability, for those that insist on claiming that all bullets with an opening in the tip are hollow point and therefore prohibited by the Hague Accords.

Keith, thanks a lot, great info!

Yes, too many ignorant people (self proclaimed experts) are raising the word when it comes to “open tips” and “hollow points” etc.

FWIW, from NDIA SMALL ARMS SYMPOSIUM (Session III Ammunition), 2003, some slides from the a presentation by representatives from ATK/Lake City and Drake Associates showing the XM1022 projectile, G4 training round and PPI cross section:

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.50 BMG M1022 projectile.

From Buffman – RANGE https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=157078196237373&set=a.148505520427974

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I see the M1022 being attributed soleyly to Anthena. But to my understanding this projectile is a post Anthena design by RUAG (basing on the general Anthena design of course).
Are these now made by ATK or are they buying RUAG projectiles?

The projectiles are Anthena era. M1022 was a 1998-2008 era product. RUAG owns what’s left of Anthena and any patents. The projectiles came from M1022 ammo loaded by LC back in the day. The M1022 ammo was demilled, these current rounds utilized those demilled projectiles

I am not sure who owns the patent or any rights in detail as at least half a doozen manufacturers are offering them and I once met the man who developed these projectiles (the former owner of Anthena) and he said his design was basically highjacked by several companies.

I understand the M1022 was in US service rom 1998-2008?
What you mean by “these current rounds utilized those demilled projectiles”:
Is that commercial re-use of projectiles from demilled cartridges?
And were any of these projectiles made in the US or did they come from RUAG?

RUAG “Penetrator P” in 7.62x51. Also heard MEN had made some at one time.

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To what I understood the MEN were loaded with ANthena projectiles for the French after they closed all own SAA factories.
RUAG cam into the game later.

How is this related to the XM1022 in 12.7x99?

A company is currently loading and selling the M1022 here in the US. The cartridges are loaded from components from original demilled M1022 rounds. The bullets are from that era, not current production, just recently loaded and for sale.

These M1022 projectiles originally came from Anthena, never came from RUAG, and were loaded into ammunition by Lake City here in the US. Those rounds were eventually demilled and those components have just now been commercially loaded into .50 BMG ammunition

When you wrote 1998-2008 I figured it must have been Anthena as back in 2006 I saw them still under their own name and management.

Do you happen to know why these were phased out in the US?

Thanks a lot for clearing this up!

The cartridge had almost fully competed type acceptance by the military but the project to do all that ran out of money before they completed all the tests and they decided to not continue. Just an example of money vs time in the way they do things around here.

Thanks again! Sounds like too much bureaucracy and lack of priorities.

Here is the completed video testing of the M1022 LR. Accuracy over M33 ball increased. Muzzle velocity was about the same. Cool bullet for collectors no doubt. Hard to swallow a box of 50 for that though :slight_smile:

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