Ctg Collection For Sale

I collected very aggressively from 1986 to 2000 primarily focusing on Military 7.92mm (x57±) from every country that produced it.

Even though I am not a lot number collector I have many rare HS. My focus was on load types both experimental and in service. MANY RARE BOXES!

I also have a great headstamp, variation collection of german .25, .32, 9x19 from WW! and WWII.

The collection needs to be sold as one lot.

If you are a serious collector please send me an email: dvollmer@me.com

Here’s a sneak peak http://www.devinpvollmer.com/images/ctglist.pdf this is not everything.

Thank you and Happy New Year !

Devin Vollmer

Can you send me your list of 25 and 32 auto pistol rounds.
bob Ruebel
Olivia, MN
IAA member