Ctges identification

I don’t have anymore documentation on modern hunting ctges.
Could you please confirm the following ctges :

  1. Hstp : A Square 378 Weatherby. Case length : 63 mm, bullet diam : 11.6 mm. 460 Short A Square ?
  2. Hstp: Lazzeroni 10.57 Meteor. Case length : 71.10. Bullet diameter: 9.45 mm.9.5 Saturne ??

JP–It is not clear to me what you are asking. Do you want to confirm the dimensions or just asking if these cartridges exist?

HI Ron
I just want to know if I have well identified these ctges.
I have no more documentation on modern ctges !

The 460 Short A-Square is supposed to have a case length of 2.500"
Base to shoulder 2.070"
Base to neck 2.124
Shoulder angle 35^/side (70^ included)

according to “cartridges of the world” by Barnes&Mcpherson:

460 A square short: (based on the 378/460 weatherby case)

bullet diam:11.63 mm
case lenght:63,5 mm

9,53 mm Saturn: (same basic case for all the long magnum lazzeroni cartridges)

bullet diam:9.53 mm
case lenght:71,12 mm

I didn’t find any 9.45 mm caliber in the lazzeroni line of cartridges
(however 9.53 mm saturn is not described in their last on line catalog too,I think that it could be avaiable as special order item only,like the 12.04 mm Lazzeroni Bibamufu)

Thank you very much to all