Cuban ammunition factory PMV / 13 and "EMI"

I just found an entry on the Cuban SAA factory.

Besides the known “PMV” and the “13” they are also listing “EMI” as the latest designation (actually they kinda claim it to be a hs if we follow the site in general) while actually used hs still is “13” (as per one relaible source).

Anybody with an insight to this?


The information published in that source is full of mistakes. Just to name a few, “EMI” is the name used since 1985, the meaning of “PMV” is not confirmed and the one given is pure conjecture, and it seems that they are mixing Cuban and Vietnamese headstamp dates.

Ok, so nothing to think about.

Though their mixup being likely I just found that 2018 is the latest known (by one person with insight) date for Cuban 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R.

The PMV headstamp does exist on scrapped Cuban x39 cases that were found in Italy. No-H/S and 13-coded x39 cartridges came out of South Africa.
And again, unfortunately, no Tokarevs.

I read the comments about those cartridges at the forum. Let’s hope this information is correct and some pictures -or samples- show up in the near future.

I hope so too, just that source can not provide any.