Cuban, Norh Korean and Albanian ammunition tins and crates

Anybody out there who can provide images of tin cans and crates of Cuban, North Korean and Albanian ammunition packings (I have asked for the latter before already) ? Any image with visible lot numbers will do.

Jack Wells?
Calling Jack Wells?

I am calling the whole world actually.

And as scope of so many people here goes only to or starts at small arms ammunition I want to clarify that I mean ALL ammo.

Johnny C,did you call ??? My Albanian 7.62 x 39 Spam Can will not photograph worth a crap,I’ve had at least 1/2 doz people w/ different cameras try to photo the Tin with no luck.Some time back,I attempted to drew it out ,and Chris P. ran it in the Journal, issue ? I donated all of my Journals & ECRA Bulletins to the auction people at SLICS in Apl. so do not know the issue.
If no one can photo copy my drawing from the Journal for EOD.,I will attempt to redraw it next week & forward to EOD.As to the crate never saw one.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

Jack, great! Hopefully somebody will find that drawing.

Back in 2000 I saw cates but had to rush through a full ammo bunker + at that time I did not care for small arms ammo + no chance for taking notes or even photos.

Any Cuban or North Korean tins? Anybody?

Hooke, thanks a lot!