Curious thing while pulling bullets and a neat bullet holder

While pulling bullets today, I noticed 2 things. I was pulling a .30-06 Silvertip and noticed the powder was very “sticky”. Some powder stuck to the case walls, some to the bullet, some to the puller, and some to my fingers. The base of the bullet was covered in a greenish residue. Any reason for this clingy powder?

The second thing. I was organizing my ammo, and noticed the bullet was loose on an 8mm Mauser I just bought. Really, I only bought it 2 weeks ago. There were 3 others with the same headstamp and in the same condition. The case mouth was flared almost enough to fit a .338 bullet inside. The primer crimp was still intact, so it didn’t appear to be a handloaded “Bubba’s Basement Special”, but what else could have caused this? Factory error? Cartridge was military.

Also, while searching for a cabinet to hold cartridges, I noticed these: … -case-box/
They are cheap (88 cents a piece). They would be good for holding pulled bullets or other small cartridge related objects. They are just too small to hold a .357 shot capsule. So it could hold anything smaller.

Powder starting to go bad, gets sticky & often has a green residue. It should also smell bad.

A refitted bullet might be slightly / somewhat secure using just the old / remaining crimps, The mouth being loose indicates that has likely happened.

Whomever refitted bullets just stuck them back in the case without using a die to close the mouth to the correct dimension / tension & that is the hard part of putting a case back properly after the bullet has been pulled.

My 2¢

I understand, Pete, however I should mention the round was merely sitting on my window sill along with several others which suffered no problems. It was intact and the bullet was tight as of 2 days ago when I last looked at it. Over 2 days the bullet loosened.

Also, about the powder, would that cause the primer to turn green?

You might also try “Tap Plastics” though they are only here in California, Oregon and Washington. I don’t know for sure if they do web and mail order sales it won’t hurt to try.
They carry many sizes, styles and of course prices. I’ve used their snap lid boxes for years and they hold up well.