Current 9 mm Parabellum Made in Japan!


Here is a picture of a very unusual 9 mm Parabellum made in 2010 by Asahi-Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. It is hard to imagine how many modern Japanese headstamps and boxes may exist out there that are unknown to cartridge collectors.




nice picture
the casing is 2010 dated ?


Indeed interesting!
Is this company only making the cases or the whole cartridge? I wonder as the company is a typical metal works business for serial production of small metal parts including drawn ones.


Asahi has been making ammunition since the 1950s, both for the JSDF and the National Police Agency. They also did some export contracts for Burma in the Mid to late 50s, of 6,5x50SR T38 ammunition ( for the Large numbers of Arisaka Rifles surrendered at the end of WW II, by the Japanese Forces in Burma) The Asahi Corporation has continued to make ammunition for Internal Purposes since then. ( variety of calibres, incl. 7,62 Nato and 5,56 Nato).

Ammunition made in Japan (Post-WW II) nearly always has a “J” before the Factory designator (Japan).

Doc AV


Thanks for clarification!

Yes, the “J” precursor in the post-1945 factory codes is also used in deliveries to NATO countries (artillery ammunition) - actually the only I know of by now is the USA.


Thanks, I had not documented this headstamp. I had documented this style in a 1987 date but no photo.

In my collection I have a loaded round headstamped “J-AOA 62”.

I have heard of reports of other companies making 9x19mm but have never seen a photo of one.



Here’s an interesting article about firearms and Japan. … he-yakuza/