Current French home-defense muntions


I’m just now watching a French investigative-report news show on TV5Monde(Etas-unis) on my cable network here in Bangor, Maine, and it’s all about the current crime statistics in France and the alarming increase in the rate of home invasions and burglaries & robberies against small businesses. Apparently the rate of home invasions is up 9% and robberies against businesses is up 20% in 2009. There are some security products companies who are selling tons of defense products which are limited to tear gas, stun guns, and some interesting launchers. The munitions they showed were all either 26.5mm or 44mm (the guy said “44mm” - I suspect they mean 40mm) and were all rubber batons, rubber hornet’s-nest buckshot, or tennis ball projectiles. The launchers were sort of unwieldy flare-gun type devices. One woman who lived alone in a house showed off her 26.5mm double barrel launcher which she kept in a sealed case, loaded with rubber buckshot. Other home owners had the harder to acquire, but more visually deterrent 9mm blanks pistols, which looked real, and which fired the 9mm PAK blanks.


Don’t trust too much the media.

The blank pistols are easy to buy.

About the launchers it is another story because you must have a doctor’s certificate to proove you are not crazy.
Because we are stupid and copy your stupid laws, it is hard to find a doctor being Ok to give you such a certificate, because of liability !

Each 40mm ctge costs a lot of money (about 10 $ each).
With such a price you don’t practice a lot.

And it is good in such a way, because if you hurt somebody in your house during the night, you go to court (except if the guy tried to kill you WITH a MORE dangerous weapon).
(If he falls into the swimming pool alone and dies, you go to court also !)

You don’t have anymore gun licenses for home protection in France.

You have only gun licences for sporting use.
This means the gun must stay unloaded in a safe.

And it is better not to defend yourself with such a gun !
(Same about your hunting rifle).
If you do it, you go to court.

And if you kill or hurt the guy, you will go to gail or pay during your whole life .

Last thing, but very important.
If you have troubles with two people, don’t choose the taller or the bigger or more agressive of both to shot on.
We have positve discrimination in France (again a stupid idea coming from your country !), don’t forget !!



They did mean 44mm - it’s the Flash-Ball, standard issue with the French police. It consists of a 44mm diameter soft rubber ball (other loads are also available) in a short plastic case, driven by a blank 12 gauge shotgun cartridge.

This is the manufacturer’s website, it has quite a lot of info about the guns and ammo on it:


Mr. Tony…will we see you at SLICS this year?..hope so !

an aside to that…what is the chance of securing a round or two of this type of less lethal ammo ? (granted it is French and you are in the UK…but you always seem to be resourceful !)

I looked at the website…appears they do not show the cartridges…or did I miss that part ?

“special purpose” is me!

Be Well


Hi Pepper,

The ammo page is here:

I do actually have one of the rubber ball rounds, obtained for me by a helpful French collector. Not going spare, though, I’m afraid! I’ve never seen any others available.

No, I won’t be at SLICS. What with all of the hassle around flying into the USA these days it would take something really, really unavoidable to persuade me to cross the Pond!

My little baton round collection is here:


So in France you need to prove you are not insane to own a non-lethal weapon? However, in England, even the flash-ball pistol would be classed as a “prohibited weapon” as it has a barrel under 12" in length and an overall length of under 24". If you defend your house or yourself against intruders in the UK, you will likely find yourself on the wrong end of the law.

I really wonder who is actually behind these ridiculous gun laws, and what their real motives are. All of Europe seems to have jumped onto this band wagon nowadays. Could it be the UN and their plans to stop “arms trafficking” that are really intended to disarm every law abiding civilian on earth?

I’m not sure if Americans realise how lucky they are compared to everyone else. Millions of military style weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition in civlian hands, far too many to ever be effectively banned or confiscated. Am I right that there is also no central database saying who owns what?


Are pit-bulls and dobermans legal in Europe and the U.K.? I suppose a home owner could tie one of those near their entrance and then blame the dog for any ill-advised home defense…


Pit bulls are illegal (gangs use them as weapons instead of guns in the UK now). Dobermans are legal. Leaving a dog that was seen as dangerous chained up in your front yard would also get you in trouble with thw law.



Yes, we do realize. But it’s not luck. It’s determintion and a willingness to do whatever we have to do to maintain our liberty.



Isn’t France still awash with pistols and shotguns from before the present legislation came into force?

As I understand it, their laws went from quite liberal to silly more or less overnight and a lot of guns never got handed in.

What they are seeing in France is the consequence of knee jerk firearms laws that only remove guns from the good guys and leave the criminals free to commit crime unhindered.

Hmm seems I’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh yes, - Britain. (Soon to be the US probably too)


Vince - its already in the United States, with more to come. Some states have alluded it up to now, since it is easier for States to enact (or not) gun laws than it is the Federal Government. In our Constitution, the 10th Amednment reserves all powers for the states that are not SPECIFICALLY given to the Federal Government. They are NOT given the power to enact any gun law but have done so over the years, illegally in many of our views, using the Interstate commerce clause as an excuse or justification of their usurption of this power.

Unfortunately, many states are even worse than the Fed - California possibly leads the lot, although Hawaii, Massachusetts and New Jersey would probably be in contention for that honor.

And yes, slavish loyalty to the UN and its causes by progressives in the U.S., and other countries, are part of the problem.


John Moss


Does the UN even do anything useful besides take billions of dollars from countries, make resolutions that are always ignored and try to force ridiculous laws on the world?

For example they must have put untold billions into that Copenhagen Summit to try and force more laws on something that is most likely a tax scam anyway. I noticed how the media were very quiet about the fact it ended in failure. But in the end who pays for all these things…US.

I don’t mean to rant but as I now pay tax because I am working I get annoyed at where it all seems to go.


Falcon - Welcome to the rolls of the suckers (oops, I mean taxpayers). The Copenhagen conference was nothing but a big party for politicians and the rest of the whackos convinced the earth is coming to an end tomorrow. Our delegation, aside from those that used commercial flights to get there, for which they are reimbursed by the taxpayers, filled three large Government-owned aircraft with themselves and their wives and kids, along with the bills at the best hotels in Denmark, and the top restaurants there, along with rental limosines, etc. Cost American taxpayers millions of dollars at a time when our country is basically broke due to spending by the new Progressive Government. Nancy Pelosi and her gang had a wonderful party and we paid for it. One representative to that conference would have been sufficient, from the USA - hell, it would have been overkill for all that sham seems to have been worth.

The only thing good that came out of it was that it was probably great for the Danish local economy, and they are a nice country. I hope they took good advantage of all those idiot delegates.

John Moss


[quote]I hope they took good advantage of all those idiot delegates.[/quote]We did our very best :-)
I had an application for a 1916 spanish Mauser in with the police at the time and it got delayed by a month due to that ridiculus conference. The most irritating aspect was seeing all the politicians and politically appointed delegates blabbering on and on about something they know full well is nonsense. The global warming idiocy is falling apart now anyway, so we will see the end of it eventually, but the UN will sadly not go away before it’s done much more damage.


We won’t see the end of that global warming nonsense for a good while yet. There is too much money to be made out of it. This is in the form of “geen taxes” to governments, and companies getting do-gooder types who want to reduce their guilt feelings to pay to plant trees.

I really can see what the guy I mentioned in my other thread is thinking, living on his WW2 era gun platform in the North Sea which is in international waters so recognised as outside control of the British government. It is known that he keeps guns on there and fires warning shots at ships that stray too close. As it is seen as protecting his own waters there is nothing anyone can do.