Current Production "UMC" Ammunition Headstamp


My searches of the forum suggest that the “UMC” headstamp was phased out by 1922, following the merger of Remington and UMC in 1911. At the moment I am relying on 1922 as the last UMC headstamp appearance on centerfire rifle ammo. What headstamp is used on Remington’s current “UMC” rifle ammunition product line?



The first production of the current “UMC” line of Remington ammunition
was, in pistol calibers, the only ones I am familiar with, made by CBC
of Brazil, and had a “REMINGTON . UMC” headstamp. Since then, to my
knowledge, they have used one or more of the countless minor variations
of the R-P headstamp.

Just a matter of curiosity, where did you find the “1922” date for the last
headstamp of “UMC.” I am not challenging it, just wondered as it seems
quite late to me. Would that date by for the actual manufacture of a cartridge(s)
headstamped “UMC,” or for simply the shipment from the factory of them? What
was the last caliber (case type) of ammo to bear the UMC headstamp?

John Moss


The 1922 date reference comes from a post here in August 2007 attributed to “Historian,” under the thread title “Remington and UMC Loads.”


I just finished reading that old thread from the Archives. Interesting.
Unfortunately, catalog art is not necessarily indicative of what was actually
being made the year that catalog came out. When I say “actually being
made” I am referring to the physical characteristics pictured in the drawings.
Some catalogs contain drawings of headstamps that no one can prove, thru
existence of even a single specimen, ever existed. The Sales Department
of companies, which I would assume would often, if not always, encompass
the art department, is often behind the production division, sometimes by
a fair length of time. I would be surprised if any UMC headstamp was actually
applied to a cartridge after 1914, and perhaps even 1913. If so, it was probably
a very slow seller that did not warrant the expense of a new bunter.

My question was aimed at seeing if there was actually documention proving
exactly when the last cartridge struck with a UMC bunter was actually manufactured.
There does not seem to be.

There is documentation for the introductory date, often expressed as simply “began
making” or “commenced making,” for most of the calibers UMC manufactured. However, while their log
contains lots of interesting information of the bulk of the calibers, there are no
significant amount of entries from after the 1911 intitial merger date to tell us when
they stopped headstamping “UMC” on each caliber, and began using the
Remington-UMC and REM-UMC headstamps for each.


A Remington box of 9mm Luger is known with UMC headstamped truncated cone HP bullets, but the box label style matches that of a box with a load date of 1922 and is different from a box dated 1921. This box has round corners and is white or tan instead of red. The earliest 9mm box I have documented with this color is 1923. I think the box was packed in 1922 or 1923, Square boxes replaced round corner boxes in 1924 so that would be the latest this box could have been packed. I don’t know who has the box, all I have is a photo. I have no idea what the box code is, but if someone out there has the box, please contact me.

I strongly suspect the cases were left over from UMC production in 1910 or 1911. I haven’t examined the cartridges, but from the photo they could be UMC loads packed in this Remington box.

My UMC box of 9mm Luger is dated from late 1910. It is the only UMC 9x19mm box I know of so cannot compare the load dates with others.