Current Russian 7.62x39 sold in UK - Hungarian cases?

This ammunition is being currently sold in the UK as shooting ammo. This is mostly used in “straight-pull” AK type rifles. These rifles have no gas system as centrefire semi-autos are banned here. The charging handle has to be manually operated after each shot.

Are the cases Hungarian made? The headstamps contain “MFS”. Apologies for the poor headstamp photo.


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No, they are Barnaul made. What you see there is an overrun which is used by Barnaul in their own boxes.
Russian manufacturers are known to use plenty of custom hs from overrun and scrapped lots in own boxes.

The “MFS BPZ” hs was used by RUAG (MFS factory in Hungary) in their “economy line” or so, I actually do not remember the correct name as I do not recall having seen the original boxes for these.
That they are mentioning the “BPZ” in the hs is as good as it gets when it comes to admitting foreign 3rd party cheap components. There are also other instances wher the customer never gets to know that he is firing Russian stuff but is paying RUAG prices.

Can you show us the ink stamp on the inner flap?

The ink stampings read: This is stamped in blue ink. The underscore is used to show spacing. I can upload a photo if needed.


Unfortunately I cannot give any details of the projectiles as I got the box and spent case from someone else.

That is ok, thanks! I just wanted to know the year.

This headstamp was originally made for the “MFS” and “Precision Ammunition” brands of ammunition imported into the States by RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc., and you can find it in 9 x 19, 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 54 R, .223, .30-06, and .308 (boxes observed are dated 2010, 2011 and 2012). Strictly speaking, except for the brand name used, they have no relation with Hungary.

You can also find this headstamp in boxes of the “Silver Bear” brand imported by DKG Trading and the regular “Barnaul” brand line with zinc plated steel case. Earliest date observed in boxes of the latter brand is 2010, so they evidently used the same cartridges for all brands at the same time.



Fede, I think these headstamps in other than RUAG connection should be overrun production.

I got it right that the complete cartridges were imported from Russia and not only cases to MFS and loaded there?

Alex, you could be right, or maybe in the beggining they also used the same headstamp to simplify production.

Yes, cartridges were imported directly from Russia as finished products; MFS -RUAG Hungarian Ammotec- was not involved.

Good to know! Thanks a lot!

Anybody with images of the boxes as RUAG was marketing them?

For reference, look for “MFS ruag ammotec usa” in google images.

Here is a full box of MFS brand 7.62x39:

I also have one of the boxes in my original post in dual English/French. It is exactly the same style as the English/Russian box, but with French language text instead of Russian. I can post some photos if anyone is interested.

As 7.62x39 is apparently forbidden for civilians in France, could this box be made for the Canadian market? I have read that SKS rifles are fairly common in Canada.

Here is a similar box for sale in Canada with green instead of blue background colouring.

for FALCON ,7.62x39 is not forbidden but classified (very different)
you can get it with the appropriate permit (relatively easy if you are registered in a shooting range (more than 6 months)
in exemple AP bullets are forbidden (even in sporting calibers)
the only case where caliber is forbidden is if the caliber equal or superior as 20mm

for the boxes on first pictures you can find the green and the blue (less current)
green:lacquered steel cases
blue: zinc coated steel case

Thanks for the correction. Are Semi-auto AKs legally available in France?

yes it available

I also notice that the box reads “For hunting rifles” although the cartridges have FMJ bullets.

Is this intended to identify the cartridges as made for civilian use?

Yes, as the Russians have no “sporting” classification in their gun law (may have changed somewhen later) all for civilian use is declared “hunting”.