Custom Ammo from Wilson Combat

I just received this email from Wilson.


Wilson Combat has been loading the Barnes Tac-XP SCHP bullets for a while. I wonder if they have Wilson headstamps though, or if they are just Starline?

Wilson has loaded 45ACP with their headstamps. All the 9mm I have seen from Wilson is in Starline headstamp cases. No idea on other cases. I have no recent Wilson production from the last year or two.


I got this in 2011.


Wish you had gotten two!!!



Related, apologies for the derail.

I have several boxes of a Black Hills .44 Special LSWC 250gr case stamp ‘THUNDER RANCH’. This was a companion load to a S&W 6-shot 4" .44 Special Thunder Ranch Edition revolver Clint Smith had a while back.

I haven’t seen them around in a while; if some of you fellow want one please PM me and I’ll get one to you.