Cutaway cartridge boards for sale (Czech?)

Seems pricey to me, but depends what you’re into. Bowman’s - just sent out the notice. I can’t get the picture off my gov phone and onto this site from work.

They are on gunbroker

Do I see a tad “rough cut” ?

“We duplicated the [50-60 year old] background paper exactly, with modern stock.
We hand polish and clear coat most every round, and glue to the display board.”

They are modern repros…not to mention not a single Tokarev round. No interest.
Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

Jon, the “modern stock” background looks correct, but some rounds could be replacements as well (hard to tell from the picture). For example, some sort of ball or special purpose load is replacing the grenade blank (UNN), while the latter is in the wrong place replacing the regular blank (Ślepy). However, original examples of this board have other replacement as well, like repainted ball loads for T-45, Z, BZ and US. There is a 7.62x25 on the first space at top left (7.62 mm nb TT).



Well yes there is. Still not worth it to me.

A few weeks back they had some ordnance that I was interested in, after a couple of weeks and it not moving they dropped the price by 50% - so if you have interest you might want to keep watch.