Cutaway on the IAA Jounal 487

On the IAA eJournal 487, page 28, we can see a picture of a cutaway of a .50 tracer cartridge (picture N° 2)
The caption says “Tracer, USA, red tip. Headstamp is R A 52”
I am surprised by the tip color, I thought it would be brown (tracer M17)
Does the tracer M1 yet made in 1952 ?

Thank for your reponse

It seems that no one wants to reply, so I will.

It’s entirely possible that M1 could have been manufactured in 1952. As late as 1968 it was still Type Classified as Standard (STD), along with the M17.

By 1981 the M1 was Type Classified as Obsolete (OBS), the M10 (orange tip) as Standard (STD), and the M17 as Contingency (CON).


Thanks Ray,
So, no mistake in the caption.

I can’t guarantee anything, but if Paul did it, I’d almost bet he is right.