Cutaways, Pinfires - 30.06 - 5.45 - 9mm

Photobucket has come down on me recently, deleted 980 photos out of my 1000 picture album. Now I’m only allowed 20 pictures at one time. Sooo, will be posting mass amounts in one thread in order to save time and sanity. Please save and use any that you want, for free, but they won’t be around for long. Enjoy.

2 - 7mm and 1 - 9mm BB, plus one large labeled “HB PARIS” (Came from junk boxes, bullets either crumbling or non existent)

30.06 - Guard FA/03/10, Match(?)FA/30/R, Mexico FM/43 Wood Bullet with 2 different powders?

5.45 - Ball, Proof, Proof (Edited, please see Fede below)

Misc 9mm Pistol (not sure on these, where just lying around) Last one has a blue tip and fins that open in the rear of the projectile when fired. No powder to show fins.

Wait a minute - how did photbucket delete 980 of your 1000 photos? Did a paid subscription expire, or did they just crash and lose your photos? I don’t have hardly any of my photobucket photos backed up.

Kevin, very nice job as always! I especially like the pinfires! (Sorry to hear about your Photobucket)


Ditto on Matt’s question! I’ve had pages of pics on there for years, many linked to various forums. I’d hate for them just to disappear.

just checked mine, & it seems to be complete. Very sorry to hear yours are gone Kevin

[quote]5.45 - Ball, Proof, Reference


Kevin, excellent work! Thanks for sharing.

Regarding the 5.45x39 with black and yellow painted tips, both are proof rounds; black indicates a “UZ” load used to proof finished guns and yellow a “VD” load used to proof barrels. The color used for “reference” or “standard ballistic” rounds is white.



Thanks for the correction Fede.
Had signed up for a free account over at Photobucket years ago. But with approaching 990+ pictures it told me that I had used 99% of storage capacity. Could buy more, but I’m cheap. So I started to delete some to make room for more. After deleting 980+ pictures, I’m down to 96% capacity. That’s like 25 pictures total.
Didn’t loose them per say, have them stored and backed up on computer. If anyone needs one, please feel free to ask, can always repost.
But all the pictures ever posted have disappeared off all the old posts. Was going to talk to someone at SLICS, maybe some kind of database for Paul Smith and I, or something.

Great work as always.

Stupid question, is there any way, both for you to be okay with it, and technically, to somehow get all of your work so far? Obviously just for own reference.

The size of the photo in inches, plus the DPI used, plus a tight crop will help you get more out of photobucket by not using so much space.

A 3" wide x ?" tall, thightly cropped photo at 200 dpi will give excellent results here.

would it be worth putting on a CD and selling it to members for their own reference? I know I would buy one just for the instrest, as most of the calibers I don’t collect, but might one day! … paul.

I would purchase a CD with your cutaways on it I started to save some of the pictures but missed many. Vic

I would be very interested in buying a CD of your cutaways also.

I certainly do not want to discourage anyone from profiting from their tremendous skill and workmanship.

However, doing a CD and messing with shipping and stuff may be more bother than whatever the sales may bring in, and raise silly issues about taxes and the like.

I think that the IAA leadership could be convinced to permanently post Wolfgang’s photos on the main IAA site in the members only area.

Maybe Aaron or Matt would like to comment on that possibility, but of course it is up to Wolfgang to decide what HE wants to do with HIS photos.

I am just grateful that he shares some of them on the forum.