Cutting Edge Bullet


Another solid copper fragmenting bullet load for home defense is on the market. The 90gr bullet is designed to open and then after 1.5 to 2 inches of penetration to fragment into 4 lightweight fragments and one heavier weight fragment. The headstamp is “9MM PIERCE”.



I missed this post from back in June and just noticed this line of loaded cartridges from Cutting Edge. They now offer .380acp, 9x19, .40S&W, and .45acp. It is basically the same bullet as Lehigh Defense’s controlled fracturing projectile, except that it has the banded base, which they refer to as “sealTite technology”. Their Facebook page shows a video commercial they have just completed one week ago:


I was surprised this week to see that Cabelas has picked up this PHD ammo, being as obscure as Cutting Edge is. It is in all their stores and the website, and must be a huge boon for Cutting Edge. If I were Lehigh Defense, I would be rather jealous about now…


Matt, Are they still using Pierce headstamps???



Lew - I have one box of each caliber, and my 9mm cases on these are Starline, my .40S&W are ICC, and the .45’s are JAG. I have some .380 on the way to me now, and we’ll see what those turn out to be.