"Cutting Edge Bullets" co

I recently came across this bullet manufacturer and thought it was interesting. They make precision turned solids and offer a few popular hunting calibers. The bullets are either solid brass or solid copper and in the solid brass line they have one called the Raptor which can be shot as a hollow point, or have a threaded point screwed into the hollow point for long range accuracy, or the bullet can be flipped over and loaded to offer a solid point for heavy punching power. To figure out all the ballistics on that and make the projectile work in any of three setups seems impressive:


Looking at the website they cost over $1 per bullet. It seems like an interesting idea but I can’t see them being a best seller at those prices. This looks to be especially true when a quick search on Midway USA shows that you can buy a box of 100 Remington .30 Cal Core-Lokt bullets for $24.99.