Cyber dud?


I know this is a little off-topic but I must share it!

I had sent several of you emails with ammo questions, some months ago, but I had never heard back. John Moss and Chris P were 2 of them and they have always been pretty good with responding to my emails. For the last couple of hours I have been getting responses from emails sent weeks and months ago, topics that I have long forgotten about, from all sorts of people. Several have been IAA members who I owe apologies to for the bad things I no doubt mumbled about them in the past! It seems a load of my emails have been floating around in cyberspace until today and like a hang fire, they all busted loose! Weird! So Chris and John and others, many thanks for your replies. I’ll copy them and file them away, gratefully.

Oh Rick, just in case yours is hung up, I got the package today!


Roger on the package. Emails have not been a problem.


uh, yeh Rick, they have. The one regarding the AR dealer was sent last year! You received it today, I believe.


IAA e-mail police are well known for holding up traffic for months, they just sit around and read “Guns and ammo” instead of doing their duty. But seriously, bottlenecking is common on internet, especially down South, we are still trying to pay back for the Civil War (American).




NOTE FROM THE ADMIN: Vlad–I might censor you, admonish you, chastise you, delete you, even banish you, but I really do not have anything to do with lost email. I don’t see the messages until they are posted. I sometimes wish I did!! I could forestall some problems if I could see them ahead of time.


Ron, I know, I was kidding.


Vlad–Yes, I know you were just kidding. So was I. But at the same time I did not want to leave the impression that I could censor a post BEFORE it was posted.


…and there was me thinking you had crystal balls… :-) :-)


Armourer–No, just Brass ones.