Cyberwombat Revealed!

Since I’m sure you’ve all been wondering, here I is:

Quick, here’s a test - what’s the first question that popped into your mind?

  1. Is that really a wombat on his head?
  2. What kind of hair-loss phobia would drive a man to wear a mammal on his head?
  3. Do those animals come in my hair color?

And now, for the rest of the story:

  1. I been hoarding ammo since 1976
  2. I don’t remember when I first signed up to the IAA.
  3. I am currently looking for coiled-case, proof, and caseless rounds.
  4. Wombats aren’t the furry, lovable critters some people make them out to be.
  5. If you haven’t guessed, I don’t take life too seriously.