Cyrillic Headstamped 430, 440, 442 or?

This round is one of a bunch that Aaron and I got almost 2 years ago. The photos supplied by the source were taken at an angle and it proved difficult to determine the caliber. I thought there was a possibility that they might be .450 Short C.F. so I got excited, but when they arrived and we were able to measure them properly they were clearly not .450’s. What they were is an open question which is why I’m seeking opinions.

The headstamp is “РУССКИЙ П З [star] short for Русский патронный завод (“Russian Cartridge Plant”) which was the name used by the Inarov factory on the outskirts of Moscow up until 1899 when it became part of Cartoucheries Russo-Belge.

I did run the rounds through a .450 gauge and they rattled around like a pea in an oil drum !

The dimensions are as follows:
Rim Ø: 0.498 (12.65 mm)
Head Ø: 0.453 (11.51 mm)
Mouth Ø: 0.446 (11.33 mm)
Bt Ø: 0.433 (11.00 mm)
Case length: 0.655 (16.64mm)

Brass case & primer, lead bullet. O/A Weight: 246 grains (small hole in side and powder removed).

I ran the dimensions through the ECDV and got likely hits on .430 C.F., .440 C.F. and .442 (the latter being a GFL product with an abnormally small bullet diameter). There could be other possibilities ……

I have no idea what the old Inarov plant was making in terms of revolver ammunition, or even what was popular in Russia at that time. Has anyone seen any advertising from that period (i.e. pre-1899)?

So ladies & gentlemen – your thoughts??

Chris P.

Chris, do you recall a FEW years back we discussed a 440 round with a Cyrillic Sellier & Bellot Riga headstamp? I will have to find and measure the round, but the language and geographical similarities make 440 a possibility.

Good idea!!

BTW: S&B Riga also made the .442 with the Cyrillic headstamp and the dimensions are pretty close to the specimen above EXCEPT the case on the .442 is 0.670 long. (ECDV: 11 016 CBC 060-20).

Chris P.

Has this round been identified yet? I just got an example at the recent PA show because of the neat headstamp. I thought it was a .450 'til I rediscovered this thread. Any definitive answers?

I can’t help but I can nitpick on Chris’s headstamp. It is not РУССКИЙ but РУССКIЙ.

A discussion concerning Russian revolver cartridges: 4,2-линейный револьверный патрон. |

Use Google Translator.


From a quick look at the drawings on that site, I’d have to lean towards a .442. Next I’ll do some detailed measurements. Thanks.

Yes, this has been positively identified as a .442 from the old Inarov factory, pre CRB, and so dates from 1891-1899. Identification comes from other identical specimens with the “442” on the headstamp thanks to our colleagues in the Ukraine…

Apparently, the .442 was popular in Russia.

Chris P.


Has anyone checked out the link?

About 2/3 down there is a page from an article by our own Aaron Newcomer on Pinfires!

Yes, it is copied from the IAA Journal, Issue 495, Jan/Feb. 2014; page 23

From the person I got the cartridges from, This is the label from the box they came from. He offered it to me recently. Would’ve been nice to know when he sold them to me too!