Czech 12.7x108 Hstp

What factory does “CZO” on a Czech 12.7x108 Steel case refer to?

“CZO” is a code that was used by Zbrojovka Brno (Sellier & Bellot), evidently exclusively on this caliber of ammunition with lacquered steel cases. Reference: “Culots de Munitions Atlas, Tome 1,” page 72, item 450, by Philippe Regenstreif and Serge Jorion.

Cheers John, I thought it would probably be S&B. Does “CZO” stand for anything in Czech?

Falcon - as far as I know it is a randomly assigned code, like “aym” and “bxn.” Some Czech small arms made by CZ have the code “rid” on them, so I suspectthe “CZ” in “CZO” has nothing to do with Ceska Zbrojovka, an arms factory.

I thought it was probably deliberate for the code to have the “CZ” of Czech in it, but looks not.