Czech 7,62/9mm stripper clips

There are vast numbers of these pistol caliber stripper clips to be found, the earliest tend to be plated steel whilst later ones are phosphated. They were produced to load a series of Czech submachine guns conceived immediately after the Second War, at a time when there were still considerable links between Czech designers and the West, these came to an end with the Communist takeover in 1948. The loading arrangements for the guns are interesting because there was a fixture built into the fore-end where a full clip could be inserted, the clip being held firmly in place and the detached magazine, being pushed forward onto the retained clip, had the cartridges fed into it. As far as I know this system has never been used elsewhere.

These clips are generally marked with a symbol or a makers code and what is presumably the date of manufacture, the earliest I’ve seen being dated 1950. The earliest ones have a symbol, usually taken to be either the universal one for ‘male’ and ‘female’

The next seem to have an ‘O’ or an ‘X’ as a hidden makers mark

The ones with identifiable makers marks seem to start in 1952 with ones made by ‘bxn’ who were Sellier & Bellot

Whilst I’ve only found one marking from ‘aym’ who were Povazske Strojarne Narodny Podnik, dated 1953

Until very recently these seemed to be the only ones around but a couple of weeks ago I found a few marked ‘zv’ who were Sellier & Bellot flying under different colours. They are also the ones with the latest dates I’ve seen.

Despite searching through countless oodles of these little critters these are the only markings I’ve found so far. I wonder if anyone has others that I’ve not yet seen and if they have, whether they might choose to show them here?

Happy collecting, Peter

They also work well for loading the Steyr M1911 pistol and seem to differ only in 1/64" in length.

I have only these additions:

2 nickel plated clips with headstamps “male 50” and “diamond 50”

and phosfated clip with headstamp “male 52”

And the markings on the underside of the Czech chargers were matched by the same markings within the headstamp of the cartridges.



I also have nickle plated with no markings and Parkerized / phosphated with circle with a crown marking that were loaded with 9X19 Czech destined for Israel. I have extras if anyone is interested.


How do you know the rounds were meant for Israel?