Czech 7.62 m/m M52 cartridges dated 51

Years ago at least one 51-dated Czech brass case 7.62m/m M52 ball cartridge sold in a Buttweiler auction for a fair sum. At about this time I was given a 15 round box of the same headstamp, and concluded I was exceedingly lucky or that the round was less rare than the successful bidder in the Buttweiler auction assumed. I don’t have the headstamp at hand to quote, but I recall it was of late 1951 production. So is the 51-dated Czech M52 cartridge really uncommon or not? Thanks, JG

The 7,62 x 45 mm with 1951 headstamp is not rare at all. It also exist with a 1950 headstamp (Z 50). The correct designation of this earlier rounds is not vz. 52 but vz. 50.

Fede: Thanks for the information. I don’t have the box at hand and don’t recall how the cartridges were described, but I don’t think they were actually called M52 on the label. JG

However, the Z 50 headstamp is pretty rare.

My notes say that the official designation for the later dated rounds was

In checking the box, I find that the label carries a 52 date and the model designation is 52, but the cartridge cases bear month/year dates late in 1951. JG

I have this box…
and headstamp bxn 54