Czech 7.62 x 39mm

Here are three Czech 7.62 x 39mm cartridges with a Reference round on the left and a Proof round on the right…but what is the black-tipped round in the middle? The headstamp is ‘bxn 94’.

Any holes in the side? If you search, I posted about a similar round a couple of years ago.

I searched and couldn’t find anything, perhaps I didn’t post this before. Here are pics of the round I mentioned:

The black tip is a “weapon proof” while the one with the longer projectile is a “barrel proof” (used when the barrel is still in unfinished condition and not installed in the weapon).

Any thoughts on the taped hole in my loaded case?

Thank you both. Jon, there are no holes in the case. EOD, any ideas as to the designation of the ‘weapon proof’ round? I believe the heavy-bulleted ‘barrel proof’ round is designated 7.62mm Tormentačni.

Jim, I wish I knew the Czech designation. I can’t find it in regular Czechoslovak military documents as it was not meant to be used by regular military. I know only the Russian designations for these.

I appreciate your efforts anyway. Thanks EOD.