Czech 7.62 x 45

G’day guys,

How much variation is there in Czech 7.62 x 45 cartridge construction? I’ve seen both coated steel cased and brass alloy cased examples. How about projectiles? Primers?

Some general thoughts welcome!

Besides brass and laq. steel cases, I have variations with GMCS and CNCS bullet jackets, and brass and black primers. Different loadings include ball, tracer, dummy, reference, short-range, blank, and proof.

  • short range tracer

Thanks, guys.

Does anyone know the last date these were manufactured in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic/Slovakia?

My latest rounds are ZV 61, 64, and 67. I seem to recall seeing a 1970s date, but I do not have one.

Have you seen this ammunition or the rifles in any of the places you have surveyed?

Ammunition and rifles in Syria.

Syria officially adopted these. We had a thread on them here somewhere.

In my half dozen specimens, dated 1951 to (I think) 1964 there are small and large primers, single and twin flash holes, crimped and uncrimped primers. Jack