Czech 7.9mm 19/Z/38/4/ headstamp


On Czech 7.9mm “Z” headstamps for the first 3 months (lots?) of 1937 the numbers also appear as 1, 2 and 3 as opposed to I, II and III. These are supposed to indicate that they were for a contract for Romania.

I was looking at the website and ran across a headstamp I have never seen or heard of before. It is month/lot “4” of 1938.

Has anyone seen one of these and do any others exist that are not with roman numerals?



I had never heard of the “4” before. However, considering where these are supposed to have gone, and the history of Romania until the fall of the Soviet Empire, Lord knows how many more of these there might be. I suppose the only way we would ever know for sure would be to know the terms of the contract between the Czechs and Romania, and that is not, at this point, likely to happen.

thanks for the post - I did not know that these were for Romania, and that it was the reason for the months to not be in Roman Numerals. While I no longer collect 7.9 as you know, it still is a matter of great interest to me.

Now, if we could figure out the reason why at least one and perhaps more of the Czech headstamps have a Roman Numeral “month” higher than XII?