Czech 7.9mm Z/39/7/PP/ headstamp


Has anyone ever seen an actual Czech 7.9x57mm case with this headstamp? Any ideas as to what the “PP” might represent?

Czechoslovak 7x57 "PP"

Not sure what the PP stands for, but I have that headstamp on a 7x57 Mauser dummy.


Thanks Jon.
That probably is what this one is supposed to be. It was in an old price list from someone with the initials CHG (I’ve forgotten who or what CHG is/was).

Do you have a scan or photo of the headstamp?


Here goes:


Thank you Jon. I appreciate your time and effort.


The designation PP (Puntiagudo Aerodinámico) was first used by Spain for their 7 x 57 mm Mauser with sS bullet (earlier S bullet was designated “P” = Puntiagudo).

I believe this is probably a contract for Chile because all specimens I have seen came from there. Similar rounds in 7.65 x 54 mm Mauser found in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay were headstamped SS Z 41 7’65.

Jon, your 7 x 57 mm Mauser dummy was made in Chile.

This is an spanish drawing for the “Cartucho de Guerra cal. 7 m/m., Bala P.P.”:


Fede – Thanks a lot for the additional information and the drawing.


Yes, Fede, it came along with many similar dummies, all with mixed headstamps from Europe and Chile.