Czech 9mm crimp & headstamps

Going through some mixed Czech 9mm and I found one of the “oma” headstamp cartridges, but this one caught my attention since it is the first time I have seen an oma with a primer seal (black in this case), but more importantly the first time I have seen a 3-stab crimp holding the bullet on any Czech 9mm. Is this odd, or did they occasionally do this?

Also shown below are two versions of a relatively scarce headstamp (as far as Czech 9mm in the U.S.) with both red and black primer seal - is there any significance to this? The black primer seal is on a load with copper-clad bullet, and the red one is cupro-nickel. All 3 cases are brass with varying degrees of cleanliness / oxidation.

I know that the cartridge with the „Z“ head stamp was made fort he Dutch police after WW2.
Imported by Munts Wapenhandel in Amsterdam.


I don’t recall seeing the “oma” rounds (other other Czech 9mm) with the stab-type bullet crimps, although I will say that the oma cases seem to have been loaded in many, many variations - GMCS and CNCS bullets, no primer or neck seals, black primer seal, red primer and seal, etc. The same for “ndn 44.” There is even at least one specimen of the “oma” also with “44” date on the headstamp. I suspect that the cases for both were loaded over a period of time, after the war of course, and perhaps mostly for Israel. Some could even represent reloads I suppose, but I don’t know that and have no documentation for that. Here I speak of “official” reloads, and if so, probably done in Israel.

I can’t say for sure if the the Dutch Police contract ammo having two different colors of seal represents something of significance or not. However, if it does, it is probably in the bullet itself. Every round I have seen with a black primer seal has a GMCS bullet jacket, while every one with a red seal has a CNCS jacket. Further, I have the same headstamp on 9 mm Court (.380 Auto) and it has a red seal and CNCS bullet. I don’t know if the .380 exists with a black seal and GMCS bullet or ot - I don’t have one if it does.