Czech 9mm Luger Dummy?

Hello, I have a question on this Czech 9mm Luger cartridge. Is this a dummy , training cartridge or something else?
OA WT: 80gn
Brass case with some sort of plastic, wood bullet. Feels like a soft plastic but it could be wood. Purple color with no translucency even with super bright light.
What do I have here?

Could very-well be a wood bullet blank.

It is a blank with a wooden bullet, the Czechoslovak standart of those days.

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Ok thanks. I have not seen one but that doesn’t mean anything I appreciate yall’s help. Is there any other pictures I could see , point me in the correct direction would you? I looked as why I posted.

interesting thread. I just acquired three 40 round boxes of czech 9mm from this period. still haventy had time to go thru them al but mixed headstamps in them some GM some Ni Jackets some in 8 round striper clips as well.HAve seen these in 16 round boxes as well. Teh Blanks I havent seen in awhile!

Forgot to add this (hijacking the thread sorry) One box I got (mixed headstamps) has brass cases and the whole base has “red transparent paint” over portion to all of base - poorly applied? or maybe just how they sealed the primers. either way, I hasn’t seen this on other Czechoslovak ammo from this period. Will check the contents out and update what I ended up with! Probably new additions but TBD.

John, you have an image for us?

The 9 mm Luger with wood bullets in former Czechoslovakia were used for submachine guns Mod. 23 and 25 with special smooth barrel with inside diameter around 4,5 mm.

Thank you for all the information! I also would like to see a package on how these came in.

It took me a while to dig out this box. A friend brought it to me at the Czech show some years back. I had never seen one before. I was surprised that the Czech and Slovak collectors I showed it to could not recall seeing one either. The headstamp on the rounds is “O * 3 51”.

I have seen this style blank with quite a few S&B headstamps including “* * * 9m/m”. It also occurs with PS hst “aym - 52” with a grey lacquered steel case, as well as some PS brass case headstamps.


Awesome thank you Lew for your time and effort and of course the digging! Much appreciated!