Czech 9mm Vz 82 (9 x 18 mm Makarov) Identification


Can someone tell me with certainty what a gray (could be violet, but closer to gray) colored tip on an otherwise standard-looking Czech 9 mm Vz 82 round is? The headstamp is “bxn 89” with a CWS case, brass primer cup, red primer seal, and the standard VZ 82 sintered-iron bullet.

Does anyone have information, preferably confirmed and not a “gut feeling” that this is a fake?
It came from a good source, but I don’t know if it was obtained at the factory that way, or came from a third party originally.

Purple tips usually indicate a ballistic standard cartridge on Czech and Hungarian ammunition I am told, but as I mentioned, the color of this tip is almost pure gray with just a hint of a violet tint to the color. It is not the dark, deep purple normally seen on Czech rounds identified as being ballistic standard cartridges.

Need help on this ASAP. Thank you.