Czech/German 15mm BESA

I don’t really collect this caliber, but I found the headstamp interesting. The Germans went into the Sudetenland at the end of 1938, and the rest of Czechoslovakia early in 1939. I would not have thought that they had enough time during 1939 production to institute the addition of a Waffenampt. Would the Waffenampt have been added to already loaded ammunition? Also, what does the “93” at 9:00 refer to?

Jon, the “93” is most likely a lot number.
Germany used all components found after the occupation. So it might be that the unloaded case got stamped before it was loaded under German supervision. There exist also Czech projectiles with German naval paint acceptance-stamps which are loaded onto German made laquered steel cases.

That sound reasonable. Do you know if Waffenampts were ever stamped onto loaded rounds?

By the way, Peter has your box and 3 rounds. Enjoy.

Jon, hard to say about the stamping practice.

Peter? Great, I just don’t get hold of him, he is probably not home yet. I contact you as soon as I know more. Thanks a lot!