Czech Pressure Test?

Recently got this 7.62x39.
GMCS, LS case, black primer, black tip, hole in case side covered with clear tape, powder visible through the tape. It was in a mixed bag of tracer rounds from a few countries, along with some API, I-T, and a Subsonic. My source for the rounds makes me believe it was not faked in any way. Can anyone confirm that it is some kind of a pressure test round? Is it a known loading?

News to me, but what do I know? My thoughts are: very small hole and why color code a round that has an obvious hole in the side covered with tape?


I know they drill holes in cartridges when they do copper crush tests in test barrels. Maybe this is why there is a hole in it?

Not really obvious at all when digging through a bunch of tracers. I only discovered it by feel.

AKMS–The color coding has nothing to do with identifying it as a Pressue Test round. Pressure testing is always done with the bullet they are developing a load for to determine how much pressure that bullet and primer and powder type and amount generate. This is NOT a Proof Load.

Jon–Is this in addition to the South Africian Pressure test you mentioned in the threat on 7.62x39 Load Types? What is the headstamp on this one.

It looks legimate to me. It is consistent with other Pressure Test rounds of other calibers in my collection. Some have an alighment slot in the head, but some don’t. I suppose it varies with the brand of the Pressure Gun.

Can’t say it is, or that it isn’t correct, but it does look right, for what ever that is worth.

As to the color tip, pressure needs to be measured on all loadings. Perhaps a different powder was (perhaps for less muzzle flash?) used or bullet weight due to a different size or shaped core, or…

Jon, I miss that slot in the base needed to place the hole at the pressure sensor. Or is there a “newer way”?

The headstamp is bxn 82.
There is no slot.
Different than the South African example.
Thanks all.

Jon, if black the whole projectile should be covered with laquer and then it would be a HPT (no barrel proof).
Your’s here is likely purple (very thin - often seen like that on CZ cartridges) and is then a reference cartridge (balistic standard). Here it also makes sense to have it prepared for a geas pressure test - to see if it is matching the predetermined parameters.

I also have the Reference cartridge. The color is different.