Czech-Russian hybrid "KOPP-TPZ" 7.62x39 box

This box has a stamp inside which says “3/95”, I think it means March 1995. TPZ is Тульский Патронный Завод (Tula Cartridge Factory). Why did Czechs put Russian ammo in their boxes? Was it just so much cheaper? And what is KOPP?

I can not say for these but a similar variant of this box (typical USSR military size) was made in Russia - not just the cartridges.

Here’s what I know (not a lot) about ‘KOPP’

KOPP ARMS S.R.o. of Pavilice, Czechoslovakia is believed to have come into existence in early 1995. It dealt in the retail of both firearms and also ammunition. Some military hs styles are know with dates as early as 1995.

Around 2004 it distributed the common calibres of Eastern European Sporting ammunition such as the 7.62x51 (308 Win), 22LR, 9mm Luger, 9mm Makarov etc and also the following European Sporting ammunition with civilian “KOPP” hs styles:

5.45x39 (SV16)
7.62x39 (SV15)
7.62x54R (SV14) (also sporting loads in earlier military style “95” & “96” dates)

Whilst most KOPP packets are marked ‘Made in Czech Republik’ most if not all KOPP ammunition seems to have been made in Russia. Those with ‘TCW’ hs appears in packets marked ‘Made at Tula Cartridge Works, Russia’ (TCW=Tula Cartridge Works) and the ‘TPZ’ hs used (Tulskij Patronnyj Zavod - meaning TULA Cartridge Factory) also implies Tula manufacture.