Czech ZVV 7.92x145 anti-tank rifle round


The photo below of the Czech ZB ZK-382 of 1938 was posted in THIS thread:

It was adapted by Germany to make the MSS.41 in their usual 7.92x94 calibre - but the ammo in this pic looks quite different (does it have a two-part case?). Anyone have any details?

I once read that the Czech original was chambered in 15x104 MG calibre, but it seems not!


Before WW II Zbrojovka Brno make experiment with a number of types anti-tank rifles in a few calibers (15mm, 12mm and 7,92 mm). Along WW II were manufacture rifles for cartridge personal construction 15x104 (15 mm Besa). These cartridges have had indeed small effectivity.
Cartridges on photograph are Czech experiment 7,92 mm ZVV (7,92 x 145). Cartridge case be real two-piece - iron head and brass cartridge case. Head is able to have two longitude - 22 mm (photo) and 8,6 mm. Sort on weight powder meanwhile isn’t know. Bullet has been probably armour-piercing, weight now also isn’t know. From archives Zbrojovka Brno succeed find out data for speed - muzzle velocity is 1.270 - 1.320 m/s. This is very very high gear and penetration have to be very good. These cartridges wasn’t normal manufacture.

In the year 1941 Zbrojovka Brno construct experimental cartridge with calibre bullet 15 mm. Was be named “15 mm PzB 42”. Cartridge case had longitude 156 mm and originate adaptation case for 20 mm Solothurn. Muzzle velocity has been 1260 m/sith, weight armor-piercing tracer projectile 80 gramme. Cartridge was only experimental.


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“This is the Brno 7.92 ZVV from 1938, case length 145mm. Besides all-brass case, there were versions with (at least) 2 lengths of steel head, 8.65mm and 22.1mm (shown in the photo), which was quite probably the “standard” one.” From Woodin lab


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Can someone please provide dimensions and post a photo of the cartridge?


Proportions cartridges from enclosed photograpy.
Rim - 18.06 mm
Base - 17.96 mm
Neck - 9.0 mm
Steel head length - 22.1 mm
Length to shoulder - 101.5 mm
Neck Length - c.10 mm
Case Length - 145.1 mm

Proportions cartridges with short steel head are slightly different.




Here a factory drawing:

And here the different base configurations:


Does anyone have one of these rounds in their collection? If anyone does can they post a photo?


Thanks EOD - factory drawings are the most useable references !!

Let alone a real cartridge of course

So there are different types of steelheads.