Czechoslovak 7.92 red tip

Need help
A Czech 7.92 round with red tip and primer,is it a tracer round?or armor piercing tracer?


This requires an expert, because according to the headstamp it is from 1951, which opens two possibilities in my view:
Before WW2, a red tip indicated a vz. 28 tracer bullet.
But in the communist era (from 1948 onwards), a red tip might indicate an observation bullet, containing a powerful primer and white phosporus. Like German B-Patrone, which is an Austrian design.

Post war Czech 7.9 Mauser with with a red annulus and red tip is listed as tracer in my notes. I have several specimens in my collection as well. -Ger

Jochem, there is one red tipped Czechoslovak 7.9x57 I know of.
Headstamp is: * 5 51 X
Have you ever seen a green tipped one?

This is tracer round sure and was made in Slovakian factory in town Povazska Bystrica (PS).

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Shameless plug. -Ger

Thank you all!

No Alex, I do not own tracer, AP etc. due to the German legal complications.
As a matter of fact, after nobody responded to the original message, I thought a hint at the different code systems and possible consequences (observation bullet) would be in order. The following responses made it clear that the old system was continued for this caliber and we have a tracer here.

Boxes of this tracer cartridge are labeled “7,92 mm náboje Svietiacich” (7.92 mm illuminating cartridges).