Czechoslovak "bxn 66" aluminium case 7,62x39

Any info on this case which I assume is aluminium?
Are these scarce? Never seen one before.



czech aluminium cased 7.62x39 not very rare but your maybe because i only see more light grey color (lacquered or not)
it the first time that i see a more greenish finish on this round
no confund with the light green anodised one (with small primer)

Thanks for replying.
This example is with a thin green-ish lacquer finish.

I found mentions of anodized, lacquered, and unfinished in some collector documents I have, headstamps “bxn 66” and “bxn 67” on the ones he had drawn from his collection.

Was this a test run for military purposes?


Ole, yes, experimental and sure no other purpose than military.

And be aware of NUPE cases that were around and later got stuffed with all sort of fancy bullets to make up “extremely super scarce and secret experimentals”.


Thanks for the response Alex. It’s an interesting round for sure. I didn’t notice the alu casing until I got home and looked more closely. Felt very “top heavy” and tried a magnet, sure enough, realised it’s got to be aluminium.

I paid about 50 eurocents for this cartridge, as it was in a ziploc bag with a bunch of regular 7,62- and 5,45x39, FWIW.

As for super-duper rare and “rare” ammo, the shows I attend are either full of people selling dime-a-dozen stuff, or places with actual collectors. The chances of getting fleeced is pretty low.


this caliber ,if there are loaded can be only load with ball (no AP;API or other stuff)

i never see the bxn 67

you can encounter NUPE headstamp 66 (only without bxn)

for 0.50 euros it a really good find (the price that i had is 15 euro)

These cardidges has been produced about 1966-67 in small quantities. Only for tests if you are looking for it I have some pieces from start of development with small. Brass primer for trade. Will be in Aerzen in Germany in spring can take it there. If somebody is interested please contact me.