D.C. co. 22 HP help

Would any one know if this ammo are Factory or reloads. I don’t know the date on when the nickel primers started. My guess they should be brass primers ???. There don’t look like the cases were crimp & some bullets are . They don’t look like any one touch them for a long time. Thanks for any info.

Have that HS with a nickel primer as factory. GM-jacket & pointed soft nose. However I would say some of those bullets you show don’t match the others. And the headstamps in the box don’t all match so obviously not original.

PetedeCoux Thanks very much for that info. I see the difference in them head stamps. You really got to look.

I think they still could be reloads as there are no crimps on the cases ???. like some of the other 22 Dom. Sav. I have.

You have two different headstamps but the bullets show the same degree of oxidation and are the same bullet so storage had the same effect on all. Yet some are not even the same bullet style. So some MAY or None May be correct for the box.

I’ve not seen other than a taper crimp on these, so not sure what marks your talking about. Oh when I blow up your photo I do see one with a segmented crimp. That one if it has the larger headstamp I would think to be correct. My example with the smaller Hs is taper crimped.

They do offer for sale dies to make a segmented crimp but it’s doubtful, to me, that it was in use here.

Another factor here is the ‘patina’ of the case. Most reloaders clean cases before reloading.

Also look at the primers with a glass, seating marks ? uneven seating? Do they all look the same?

The older small HS were probably original to this box. I say probably but I don’t know for sure just an educated guess. A Canadian collectors opinion would be helpful

Sorry bean late for a reply. Most with the small H/S have no roll crimp & some of the primers are flat & some are deeper then others . They came from an Auction & I think they said they mite be reloads . I don’t shot that cal. just collect them for the box but now I have the brass & bullets. Some of the powder was not the same . The primers that were nice & round look Factory & left them in tac. Thanks very much for your info very helpful.

Glad to be of help