D & C Selkado

Can anyone give me information on this tin.
Date, contents, Region in Germany, manufacturer etc.
2 piece metal tin ( empty) with hinge on one side.
Pink slip in bottom of tin with code
256 425

The D&C in the triangle is a headstamp used by DREYSE & COLLENBUSH Sommerda Germany. I believe “Lang Fur Buchsen” is 22 long rifle. I don’t thing I’ve seen a 22 LR with this headstamp. Normally you see this HS on Floberts and 9mm #350 Sharps. As for dates I’ve heard pre WWI and another source was pre WWII.

Nice Box


A GREAT box Bob, very nice indeed!

The location is Sömmerda, a town north of Erfurt in Thuringia.

Nikolaus Dreyse, of needle-gun fame, was co-owner of a company called Dreyse & Collenbusch which produced, among other things percussion primers.
When the needle-gun business started, Dreyse started a gun factory, but the old primer factory stayed in existence as a totally different entity.

When the needle-gun was overtaken by modern developments, the gun-factory was sold by Dreyse’s son to Rheinmetall. I became the famous place where Louis Stange designed his machine guns.

The still existing primer factory was expanded and eventually renamed Selve-Kronbiegel-Dornheim AG, abbreviated Selkado. Selve being one of the largest brass manufacturers for ammunition, Dornheim a trading-house. Due to widowing/marriage (in short) the family name Collenbusch changed to Kronbiegel.

This explains why the D&C logo appears on the SELKADO box. “Dc” was also used as a manufacturer code on military ammunition labels. Until 1945 it was the largest producer of primers in Germany. Today absolutely nothing is left of it, while many buildings of the Rheinmetall factory are still standing.

P.S: The name Selkado came into being 1924.

Bob, nice box! I’m not sure if cartridges inside had the D&C logo, but this headstamp is found in .22 Short & Long. As a starting date, the firm of Dreyse & Collenbusch was incorporated to Selve-Kronbiegel-Dornheim A.-G. (SKD/Selkado) of Altena in 1924, but I would say that this is a later issue box because the very early ones had the trademark “Selkado” under the D&C logo, but still listing Munitionsfabrik Dreyse & Collenbusch, Sömmerda as the manufacturer. SKD moved to Sömmerda in 1934.

If someone is interested I can post pictures of a .22 Short D&C box and headstamp in the following days.

Great information about primers, JPeelen

An all-paper 2-piece half-cover Berdan ‘tin’ in my collection. The bottom is plain, the side seal is blue, and it is 2 7/8" in diameter.

I guess the newspaper(?) was a filler to keep the primers in place during shipping when the container was originally full. Be interesting to know what it says & if it is, or isn’t original to the container.

The text is of the sort: what happened 25, 50, 100 years ago.
It does not refer to a certain day, but to events in February, it seems. For example, in the middle line the slaying of James Cook (Weltumsegler = sailed around the world) in 1779 is mentioned (14th Feb.), while Gabelsberger was born on February 9th 1789. So a possible date for this piece of paper is 1889, 1899 or 1909.
It certainly looks like newspaper print. But considering the range of dates, probably from a periodical appearing on monthly or bi-monthly basis.
I do not think it was inserted by the factory; looks too cheap for a proud company. More probable is the end user after removing part of the contents.

JPleelen, thanks for the rough translation & input. You make perfect sense.

I found these pictures on a website for Historical Technical Museum Sommerda.
This shows a partial side label.