D-DAY June 6, 1944

Last month when we buried my brother’s ashes in the National Cemetary my sister and I talked a while about how few WW II vets are still with us and how their numbers are rapidly shrinking. Many of the traditional reunion celebrations are being cancelled because of low attendance and we’re not far from the day when the last of them will be gone.

So let’s not forget what today means to us, and all the allies who were there 63 years ago.


You are so right Ray! Thanks!


I am grateful for all those who landed on those beaches 63 years ago, the irony of it is now the erosion of the freedom so many died to protect is now being done by our very own “democratic” governments. I just wish everyone who gave their lives for freedom on that day could see today’s society.



As I was awake early this morning I thought about what it was like for kids not much older than me to sitting in their craft waiting to cross the channel. What my grandfather or they were thinking or feeling I can only imagine but I know that they DID IT ANYWAY. And I for one am thankful beyond words. The EU could look at this day as another “independence day” as many would be speaking German right now if not for these soldiers.


  • In my opinion that day of Tuesday June 6th 1944 was the most important day from WW2. In 1990 I visited Normandy and those battlefields and each person who is interested in the WW2 history should go to pay respect at those places of glory. Here in USA we have so many celebrations but I think the day of June 6th should be marked on the calendar and to be observed each year as a special day. Liviu 06/07/07