D-Day re-enactment celebration in Reading,PA,2009

This is Mid Atlantic Air Museum (Reading,PA) celebration of D-Day, the largest WWII re-enactment event of Eastern USA. This is the biggest and best organized WWII event I’ve seen myself. The crowds are enormous, there is an almost continuous air show of WWII era planes. Reading airport is big (and actually was used during the war to deliver planes to Great Britain). Reenactors are highly motivated and very knowledgable in history and weapons. I gave away a lot of wasted ammo to little kids, trying to promote the “dying art”. Here are some shots.

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Almost forgot, here is MAAM web site

I am adding photos made by a British friend of mine who went to the same show. It is a Spitfire, of course.

Wow! Good stuff. Noted a P61 in restoration mode in one of the hangars. And what appeared to be a 3/4 or so scale Stuka flying. Glad the weather broke and they got to fly. Some serious collectors in that lot.
Thanks for the picture show.