D.O.D. ammo supply index pdf

Here’s another interesting PDF I stumbled across while researching something. It’s a government document which lays out all of the abbreviations and addresses for suppliers to the government in relation to the storage, distribution and management of Ammunition. They list everything associated with such endeavors, not just ammo component manufacturers. And it’s everything from small arms to missiles.


I found it by looking up info on “Kendall international arms” who used to make the Equalloy bullets (called zc38 I think, had the red nylon coated wadcutter), which is more or less the same as PPS’s Z-coat 38 wadcutter which was also aluminum and had a gray coating. I notice that in the alphabetical listing of company names that they show “Kennmetal Inc” of Latrobe, PA, just below Kendall International. They were the old supplier to KTW for their Kinnertium W-10 sintered tungsten back around 1969.

Also, concerning Kendall International, and quite interesting, I found from another search that in 1992, the U.S. government charged the president of the company; Mr. Presley Kendall, with wire-fraud in connection with trying to defraud the U.S. Army munitions plant at Rock Island on a contract for some 7.62 ammo: