D. P. Wirth product, for other than for BELL

This post:
.577 Nitro Express with embedded .25 auto
has a question about an unknown headstamp that Fede replied was by D.P. Wirth. So I was hoping to know more what he made for others, other than what he made for Jim Bell of B.E.L.L. Labs.

I have this list & wonder if others are known

He did my: CTGS 1990-1991,
Otto Witt Spl,
Moucka Gunmaker,
Gunmaker Shop Inc,
Tony’s Mouse Gun,
John Scott P.G.C.A.,
James Tillinghast,
John Hintlian,
500 EX D. Davidson.
the: 30-40 GATLING M1893 Wm.A.Meyer
All of these (but the 30-40) are all in upper case letters, I just got lazy,
I also think he did the Texas Cartridge Club awards
T.C.C.A. 1990.

Forgot to add this one.
Also the .50 Maynard from the link Sksvlad notes in his below.
D.P. WIRTH 53012

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I made this post a long time ago connected to D.P.Wirth’s name 7.62x39 panel

Thanks Vlad, have it, but forgot about it & will edit the above.