"D T" 9x19 headstamp from Double Tap


I am used to seeing the “Double Tap” headstamp with the full words spelled out, but today I just noticed that the 2 boxes of nickel plated 9x19 +P brass that I had recently ordered from them has a headstamp of D T 9MM +P . I searched Google for enlightenment, but found none. Is this new? In another recent order just a few months ago I received some 9mm “Equalizer” loads from Double Tap, and those had the typical fully spelled out headstamp which I am used to. I put this brass order in just a few weeks ago.


Matt, I haven’t seen this headstamp before but in November 2013 I downloaded a picture of a .357 SIG headstamped DTA 357 SIG (DoubleTap Ammunition). Maybe this company is currently changing their headstamps to these two different layouts.


It would seem to make sense in terms of their new marketing which includes lines called “DT Defense”, “DT Hunter”, and “DT Safari”.


Also saves money on the head stamp die.


Brand new to me. I have seen variations on other calibers, but not on 9mm.



Packing up some ammo for SLICS, and I realize for the first time that there are at least two variations to this DT headstamp.

Below on the right is the original style I had found in a box of new unprimed brass which I received from Double Tap in January, 2014. The one on the left is from a little 12-pack of 124gr bonded (Gold Dot) loads that I received from Double Tap back in the fall sometime. I suppose the one on the left is the production model that their loaded ammo now has? I have no idea which one is the more scarce of the two, but personally I have a couple hundred of the right-hand style (unprimed empty), and only a few of the left-hand version.


If you had been at all pondering doing a Double Tap ammo purchase, either to buy some qualiy ammo, or to roll the dice on whether or not you might receive cases with a new version of one of their headstamps (they never even know for sure where their headstamps are at), then now is a good time. They have a coupon code of “BESTAMMO” which gives 35% off, and it seems that if you spend more than $200 (after the discount even) then you receive free shipping when you select standard flat rate from the shipping estimator. The coupon code is valid through Oct 31st.


I just received some Double Tap ammo, and it never fails that they have some inexplicable headstamp variations on their pistol calibers.

First, on 9x19, I was not surprised to see the new headstamp variation as Double Tap seems to like to change it every few years, but I was surprised (or ultimately not surprised) to see that they have 2 slight variations of the same headstamp, and these appeared in the same box. Most all of the new 9mm headstamps were of the larger letter style with round “O” and wide “9”, but a few are clearly racetrack O’s which look more like a zero, and which have overall smaller lettering and a clearly more narrow 9.

The general condition of all of the 9mm headstamps was weak, with some having open tops on the “O”, and others just being generally messy.

Their new 10mm headstamp is more of a stencil style lettering with open letters which seem to be too close to the rim edge. Both the 9mm and 10mm headstamps I have are from boxes of duplex “Equalizer” ammo.

And then finally a normal looking .38 special headstamp which is newer from them:


Just received some new Double Tap 9mm 124gr +P ammo which is marketed as being “tuned for STI pistols”. STI is a popular premium brand of pistols for competition shooting, and whatever Double Tap has done, they have made these loads tuned for that brand of pistol and offer them as both a Major and Minor Power Factor load. The headstamp on the brass case is similar to the round-O style shown above, but without the “+P”, which is strange because they are labeled as +P on the box… The ones I have are the Major Power factor version, but the headstamp on the minor version appears the same.

doubletap9mm new hs