DAC 303 Proof rounds?

I just picked up some loose DAC 1944 proof rounds, and looking at Wonch and MacDonald there isn’t much info on these rounds. Speciffically I was wondering what pressure these were supposed to attain?
Regrettably, a previous owner clipped the FMJ tips, to expose the core, so I can only assume he intended to hunt/fire them…which wouldn’t be so bad, except he did it to the DAL stamped MkVII rounds as well!

In the book by Labbett & Mead they don’t list that h/s but they do state the following."A mean pressure of 24 tons per square inch applied until late 1944 when, as part of a move to make the Q Mark 3 the common proof round, the mean pressure was increased to 25 t.s.i. The Mark 3 proof cartridge was originally intended to proof rifles. Hope this helps

Many thanks, it does help indeed.